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Engineering Services

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With solid technical and engineering knowledge, EQUIMAVENCA has the experience to provide advice and supply services aimed at ensuring the production of oil wells, through artificial lift systems with Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCP), ensuring the operational life of the equipment of bottom and surface.

These services contemplate:

  • Systems design
  • Material selection
  • Monitoring of the operation
  • Diagnosis and optimization
  • Failure analysis.  We are the only company that still maintains the ability to perform destructive and non-destructive failure analysis by establishing whether the distributor’s warranty terms apply, regardless of the make or model of the PCP system or any of the equipment that makes it up.

Field Technical Service

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Our highly qualified technicians guarantee the installation, de-installation, monitoring, preventive/corrective maintenance and non-destructive on-site evaluation of the recovered pumps, establishing the possibility of their re-use.

Our fleet of heavy and light equipment guarantees the adequate and safe transportation of materials, equipment and technical personnel between our facilities and the oil fields operated by our customers.

    Technical Services in the workshop

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    Our facilities, tools, laboratories and equipment offer our customers:

    • Test bench evaluation of the recovered bombs. We are the only company capable of testing any equipment, regardless of make and model and condition of use. We generate the Flow-Pressure-Torque-Power curves for new pumps (before installation) and used pumps (recovered from the well) issuing reports with the relevant diagnosis, conclusions and recommendations.

    • Elastomer and Well Fluid Compatibility Testing.

    • Destructive evaluation of recovered pumps (stators / rotors).

    • Repair of heads, electric motors and frequency converters.

    Knowledge Transfer

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    We offer training, courses, workshops and conferences (soon to be remote), as well as in-company or distance engineering consultancy and transfer of practical knowledge in the field.


    In our portfolio of courses and workshops we have

    Course/Workshop/Training Title

    Course/Workshop/Training Title

    Progressive Cavity Pumping for Engineers

    Design and optimization of BCP systems with Pc-Pump Software

    Production Optimization with Hydraulic Pumping.

    Mechanical Pumping for Engineers.

    Nodal Analysis applied to Progressive Cavity Pumps and Mechanical Pumping

    Storage and Mobilization of Crude Oil

    Induction to the Oil Industry

    Operations at Tank Yards and Shipping Terminals

    Operational Principles of Surface Facilities

    Static and Dynamic Crude Oil Measurements

    Operational Principles in Fluid Collection Stations

    Raw Tank Capacity

    Crude Oil Storage and Control

    Basic Reservoir Engineering for Non-Petroleum

    Crude Dehydration and Effluent Water Treatment

    Operator Well Production Methods

    Artificial Lift Pit Production Method with Progressive Cavity Pumping (PCP) for Operators

    Artificial Gas Lift Manhole Production Method (GAS LIFT) for Operators

    Artificial Lift Hole Production Method with Electrosubmersible Pumping (ESP) for Operators

    Taking and Analyzing Crude Oil Samples

    Oil and Gas Fiscal and Custody Transfer Measurements

    Natural Gas Measurement and Balancing

    Well Production Testing

    Natural Gas Measurement

    Liquid and Vapour Phase LPG Measurement

    Oil formation for non-oil tankers

    Production facilities in oil companies

    Crude oil and natural gas measurement systems

    Treatment of heavy crude oil and production water

    Petroleum Engineering for Non-Petroleum Industries

    Calculation of maintenance and reliability rates

    Maintenance Project Management

    Training of managers in asset management

    Evaluation of KPIs and their integration into asset management

    Management and optimization of maintenance inventories

    Implementation in asset management

    RCM Reliability Centered Maintenance

    Total productive maintenance

    Optimization of maintenance and reliability

    Maintenance programming and optimization

    Root cause analysis techniques – RCA

    HRA Human Reliability Techniques

    Maintenance Management

    Integrity management system for gas and oil pipelines

    Crude oil and water storage tank integrity management system

    Introduction to ISO 9001:2015

    Context Analysis

    Risk Based Thinking

    Management Indicators

    Non-conformities and Improvement Actions

    Internal Quality Audit (Colombia-Sabatino)

    Internal Quality Auditor Training

    Introduction to ISO 14001:2015

    Introduction ISO 45001:2018

    Integrated Management Systems HSEQ

    Internal Audit of Integrated Systems HSEQ

    HSEQ Integrated Systems Internal Auditor Training

    Occupational Health and Safety Management System

    Legal Matrix

    Implementation of Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2015

    Implementation of >Occupational Health and Safety Management System

    Implementation of Integrated Management Systems HSEQ under ISO

    Data protection

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