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Progressive Cavity Pump System

EQUIMAVENCA sells and distributes all components and accessories for underground and surface Progressive Cavity Pumps systems in an integral way, these are, pumps, rotation heads, electric motors, frequency converters, P&T bottom sensors, gas separators, torque anchors, etc.

What is the progressive cavity pump?

It is a positive displacement pump composed of two main elements, a STATOR, an element with a double helix geometry which contains a high molecular weight polymer called elastomer and a ROTOR, a helical shaped element which rotates and moves eccentrically inside the stator. These two components constitute the Progressive Cavity Pump.

In most installations, the stator is connected to the end of the production pipe and the rotor to the rod string which transmits to it, from a surface drive, the necessary energy (rotation and torque) for the pumping action.


  • High efficiency with low energy consumption.

  • Low investment cost.

  • Very good resistance to abrasion.

  • Simple installation and operation.

  • Low maintenance.

  • Small size surface equipment.

  • Low noise level.

Rotaion Head

Surface equipment to support the axial loads and torque required by the system, operate the PCP pump at the required speed, safely release the stored energy during system stops, prevent the fluids that are produced from contaminating the environment and support the installation of the electric motor.

Rotation Head


Electric Motors and Frequency Inverters


Electric Motors

They are responsible for providing the torque and power needed to start the system and keep it operating at the design speed continuously, safely and efficiently.

Frequency Inverters

They are equipment used with the motor-rotation head assembly to establish the change in operating speed by means of variations in the frequency of the stream which the motor operates with. They provide mechanical-electrical protection and local or remote control of the system. Among its features, they offer “infinite” adjustment of the operation speed without the need to change pulleys/belts or reduction boxes, soft starts and stops decreasing the torque peaks, capacity to control the energy dissipated during a basckspin, possibility to control the system in function of bottom/surface sensors, failure registration, bidirectional remote communication (SCADA), among others.

(Surface equipment)

Electric Motors

Frequency Inverters

Bottom sensors, gsa separators, torque anchors, etc.

Pressure and Temperature Sensors

Permanent monitoring systems of the pump variables (pressure, temperature and vibration). Permanent and continuous readings provide better control of drawdown (variation in downhole flow pressures), maximizing production while maintaining the pump inlet pressure, ensuring that the pump always operates submerged in the well fluids.

Torque Anchors

Although it is considered an accessory, it is used in almost all BCP facilities because it provides security and its cost is not significant.  Its function is to prevent the rotation of the production line and therefore the disconnection of the same when the system is operating. Normally it does not provide axial anchorage of the system, so its recovery is simple.

Gas Separators

Device placed at the entrance of the PCP. Its main function is to separate the free gas before it enters the pump in order to increase the pumping efficiency and therefore the productivity. It has no moving parts which minimizes its maintenance/repair and it is manufactured with materials resistant to the aggressive environments in which it operates.

    Bottom sensors

    Gas separators

    Manufacturing of specialized products for PCP Systems

    EQUIMAVENCA manufactures and distributes Gas Lift valves, flow control valves and needle valves, as well as stop nipples, reductions and pipe couplings. We are able to provide all types of accessories for all methods of artificial lift.

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